Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Wide Touch Screen

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LA VoIP Users to Help Pay For More Police
Chalk this one up to another reason why more people should pay attention to what they agree to (and what their local politicians are telling them to do). According to DSL Reports, the city of LA has approved a new tax cut, that is really a tax hike. In response to a need to maintain their current police forces, the city has taken a telephone user tax and reduced it from 10% to 9%, however it has broadened the scope of the tax to include Internet phone services. Doh! You have to hand it to the

What is Implicit Presumer Marketing?
Hello, What is Implicit Presumer Marketing? We figured since we created a new visionary level of socialization and communications technologies we had to create a totally new visionary level of social marketing plan and boy did we. We bring for first time the Implicit Presumer viral expansion marketing model to the market place. No matter what you pay money for it is an explicit or implicit sale. * Explicit is when I sell you * Implicit is when you sell yourself

Satellite High-Speed Internet
Satellite High Speed Internet is available across Canada. In Atlantic Canada, the provider/reseller is Aliant (the Satellite belongs to Telesat). The good news for those of you outside Atlantic Canada is that you don't have to deal with the phone or cable companies to get your hi-speed Internet (you don't even need a phone line). The bad news is that the prices for satellite high speed Internet, below, are similar regardless of the reseller: High-Speed LiteHigh-SpeedHigh-Speed UltraDownload S

BSNL B.Band is only B.Band in my city and its too new, should I go for it? Regards, Free Calls & Free SMS, VoIP, Mobile-Landline Phones, Win Free Nokia Video Mobile Phones Free International Calls / SMS

Microsoft TouchTab
Rumors are flying around about a special multitouch/touchscreen tablet coming from Microsoft in a year or two. This may sound surprising, considering Microsoft doesn't make hardware for Windows OS, but it seems like they are. I think this is due to the fact that most PC makers just don't understand how mobile computing should work. I think this is suppose to be a joint-project between multiple hardware companies with Microsoft - all expecting a share of the profits when it sells. TouchTab is su

Eye on the Blogosphere: Friday Edition
Eye on the Blogosphere: Friday Edition February 8th, 2008 by S. Caron VoIP seems to be everywhere these days. But VoIP dating? Learn about a new, free service at Click for Nick. (The maps thing really is creepy.) Voice Over IP Weblog is dishing on the alternatives to the now-defunct PrivatePhone. Check it out here. VoIP Information tells us about the negatives of VoIP service. Negatives? There are negatives? Seriously though, the author misses one big negative: it won’t work in a power outag

Brits take phone calls while having sex?
Wait a minute! We do support mobilizing of virtually everything and are all happy when we see mobile phones entering regular people's lives. But stopping a sex over a phone call? Is that call really *that* important and/or urgent? C'mon guys and you girls too… According to recent study from, one in ten Brits openly admits to having answered their mobile phone during sex and cutting the "act" short. I'm stunned. I wonder how would other nations "rank" in this research… In addition

Free iPhone VoIP Application, SIP-VoIP Is SIPon In French
The Touchmods team have furthered it self by teaming up with the French ADSL provider “Free“ The new VoIP application also has a new name, “Siphon”. The current SIPon is locked to the provider free. So you need to be in Europe where Free service is available to use it. This is because Free donated to the project and it was mainly for SIPon software development. You can download SIPon from Free site, by clicking here. The Touchmods Team has not forgotten the other users, "Of course, there will


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