Monday, January 14, 2008

Procrastinating on a rainy day

You Gotta Have Heart!
As most of you know, my life in a nutshell has been sucking eggs for the past year or so. It's not really a big secret. I mean, Yes, I do have three incredibly lovely boys who are super-duper cute, and three adorably sweet girls who are so sweet they make your teeth hurt. And usually when life is getting me down I really do try to turn my focus back onto them, so as not to forget about the bright things in my life. However, it sometimes is difficult to wipe away the grime from the windshield o

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Woodhouse Family
The Woodhouse family of Calahan, CO were astonished to learn that Ty Pennington and the gang would build them a safe and “cool” home in just seven days as part of the 50 state Extreme tour. The family had relocated to frigid Alaska in the hopes to decrease any recurrences that daughter, Kayla, might face due to her rare neurological disorder that lowers her sensitivity to pain and temperature called Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy but finally settled in Calahan, CO. Kayla is one of on

Warwick Arts Centre presents Girl Rider
Warwick Arts Centre Girl Rider Cullinan + Richards Sat 12 Jan - Sat 15 Mar Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick Coventry CV4 7AL Mead Gallery Warwick Arts Centre Coventry Commissioned by Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre Cullinan + Richards work in a variety of traditional forms – sculpture, painting, performance, video and photography – to produce sculptural scenarios or structural supports for holding other artworks, documentation and pe

When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Black. And be Bossy.
Speaking of Donn and his beret and his faux-French accent (why do you think he has this outRRRageous accent?), I have bad news: the accent is contagious. People, especially males between about 35 and 60, (ok, only males) see the beret and they just go off. “Ah, oui!” they shout at him. It’s getting a bit old. But yesterday morning, he ran into a friend of ours, an older woman, and she said, “Now Donn, you’re looking very French. Maybe a little too French.” We love this. We’ve been saying tha

I'm Moving
Wow, that's weird to write. In case you don't already know, I am a sap. A big, drippy, sappy mess. I turn it off much of the time, because if I didn't I would spend the better part of most days weeping over that time that thing happened. Or at the beauty of random objects. Or who knows what else. Let's just say it wouldn't be pretty and you wouldn't be my friend anymore. All joking aside, my mother lived with her emotional dial turned ALL THE WAY UP ALL THE TIME and living like that, and livin

Asia and The Age of Sustainability: Where The East Has an Edge
- Many pioneering eco-capitalists have been betting that climate change will produce new opportunities for businesses that have the foresight to adopt earth-friendly manufacturing practices and/or create the products needed to propel the world toward sustainability. The evidence that many companies are waking up to this realization can be easily seen in Europe and now in the U.S. A Nov. 30 AP article is an example:Some of the world's top business leaders are demanding that international diplo

Build a Twin Over Full Mattress Bunk Bed With Standard Lumber
Filed under: kids, weekend projects, wood workingI built this bed to fit into a dormer that is only 73" wide; a standard mattress length is 75". I saw this similar design at a furniture store for more money than I have to give. This design can be adapted to standard or custom lengths. I ordered foam mattresses that I shortened to fit with an electric knife. To start, send the kids away for the weekend; this is a huge project that took about 20 hours for my wife and me to complete. Hand-pick th

children furniture

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